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Easy Washi Tape Tutorial

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

I've received lots of questions on our guest bedroom walls after our home was featured on HGTV. In particular-- the guest bedroom wall treatment that I created with washi tape!

Want an easy temporary wall treatment that looks like wallpaper? Washi tape is a perfect option to create a bold and graphic look in your home.

Prep & Materials





I decided to create a bold graphic look over white walls in our guest room. You can read about all of the details and inspiration behind our guest room refresh HERE. It started with these images below from Pinterest (sorry, I don't know the source!) as I wanted to created a random pattern that had a similar feeling to these projects with paint.

Our guest bedroom had elephant grey walls before, but these would not go with our new fabric and furniture refresh. The grey walls had to go! We did decide to keep the pretty green ceiling color (Sherwin Williams/ Eco Green), which made the refresh much easier. I painted the walls a bright white in an eggshell finish. I love this Valspar Paint as it truly is a bright white that is soft and easy on the eyes. It comes straight off the shelf as this bright white base paint-- no mixing required.

I also ordered 15 rolls of this gold washi tape from Amazon Prime. The description says "masking tape", but it's really a Japanese adhesive tape that is very similar to washi tape.

Easy peasy.

Vertical Lines First

The first step is to measure the distance between the vertical lines to make sure they are equi-distant around the room. This does require some math, and I used a good ole fashioned ruler to mark on the wall with pencil all the way down and then ran my tape to connect those dots. You can also use a chalk line and "snap" it to create perfect lines along the wall, but a ruler and pencil works just as well.

Pace Yourself!

This wall treatment does require a lot of patience, and I decided to work on this a little bit at a time over the course of a month. I did a few sections at a time and took a break so that I wouldn't get overwhelmed with this project. I don't recommend trying to knock this out when you are crunched for time as you can easily get frustrated and that's when mistakes can happen. The great thing about using washi tape is that it is so user friendly. You can easily pull it up and retape if necessary. In the end the result looks like wallpaper and everyone comments how much they love it! 

After completing the vertical taping, I created diagonal lines to connect to the vertical lines. I placed these in a more irregular pattern so that the finished design would appear more random in the space. You can see the finished room here. The fun thing about this wall treatment is that it resembles wallpaper and guests are so delighted when they realize that it's washi tape.

With a little bit of patience and a ruler-- you, too, can create a fun pattern on your walls. Just go for it!

XO, JuJu


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