Julianne Taylor works 1:1 with entrepreneurs and small business start-ups in the creative arena. Her knowledge of go to market strategy, pricing & cost models, scaling, marketing, branding, collaborations, social media, etc. and her strong desire to encourage others to succeed creates opportunities for her to share her extensive business knowledge. Through growing Taylor Burke Home into a luxury home decor brand and successfully aligning herself with companies to license the Julianne Taylor Style brand, she has hands-on knowledge of the ins and outs of building a successful business from the ground up. With a BFA in Interior Design (UGA) and a Masters in Human Resources (Univ. of S. Carolina), Julianne has a unique combination of creative thinking mixed with strategic business acumen.


She challenges her clients to dive into the numbers, and the homework that comes from each meeting helps clients make decisions about how to move their businesses forward. She has worked with clients who are just starting out with no business plan to others who average 2-4 years into their start-up and are not sure how to scale their businesses. Clients leave meetings excited, encouraged, and ready to tackle the tough decisions and work to make their businesses successful. Julianne meets in-person in Charleston, SC or conducts Facetime and/or zoom calls with clients. 


What are you waiting for?! If you are an individual who needs coaching and strategic business advice, please email for more information about availability and scheduling. Julianne only coaches a handful of clients at any given time, and there may be a waiting list to schedule your first meeting. 


-90 min session via Zoom

-24/7 access/response via Marco Polo

for 14 days after appt


-2, 90 min sessions via Zoom

-24/7 access/response via Marco Polo

for 30 days after 1st appt

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Hear what other clients have to say.

Julianne was truly my “pocket cheerleader” and exponentially increased the value of my Instagram, website, blog and TikTok. Her professional instincts quickly zoned in on the gaps in my game and she made swift, achievable recommendations and backed them up with tangible solutions.  It was the best investment I have made into my career and brand. I cannot recommend her services more. She is the real deal! 

Barbara Majeski

TV Contributor and On-Air Personality


Julianne presented to our membership about how to embrace short form video for your business and within the day, we saw members sharing in ways they hadn’t before on reelz and IGTV and even TikTok. Julianne is an incredible resource and business coach. She is soaring as an influencer with a very defined brand, and she is sharing the “how to” along the way with other entrepreneurs. It’s a breath of fresh air and such positive JuJu! I highly recommend her as a speaker​.

Cheri Leavy

Co-Founder, The Southern C Summit and The Southern Coterie

Julianne stepped in to work with me and my leaders to strategize with us on scaling our business, organizational structure, content creation, and influencer marketing. Julianne has a unique combination of a creative brain matched with strong business acumen. This allows her to look at organizational structures and systems in a way where she can think outside the box to help us get where we need to be.  She does all of this in such an encouraging way and has been my little pocket cheerleader along our journey. She became so passionate about our organization that we even talked her into joining us on one of our missions trips to Togo! This lady knows her stuff and has helped us tremendously. 

Katie Walters 

Founder, Francis + Benedict

Julianne presented to our company on Navigating Change and Managing Stress. A topic that our employees have struggled with during a shift to working from home. She is extremely charismatic, and just watching her is a delight. The content of the presentation was fantastic. 

Cristina Clapp

National Association of Broadcasters

For the past two years Carolyn Sutton PR has hosted a Social Media Masterclass and invited Key Experts to provide insight on the class. Crafting video is a huge need and Julianne was my first choice to lead the discussion and teach my attendees. Not only did Julianne work seamlessly with me to make sure the content fit my needs, she was also extremely invested in the project. She researched the attendees to ensure the content applied to them, she was incredibly energetic teaching and providing insight, and the entire class was completely engaged in her part of the class. To be able to work with an expert and fulfill the promise to my attendees on the class is a dream. I look forward to more projects with Julianne and of course, more courses as she is loaded with knowledge, humor and encouragement!

Carolyn Sutton

Founder, Carolyn Sutton PR

Julianne, or JuJu to those that love her, provided me more information and inspiration in one session than I received in many encounters with other coaches. Her vibe coupled with her expert experience was exactly what I needed to move upward in my business. I would definitely recommend her and plan to work with her more in the future.

Alana Higginbotham

Life Coach l The Mental Strategist, Alana Higginbotham


Julianne was exactly what I needed in the growth stage of my business, Larkin Lane. She made me take a hard look at numbers, introduced me to excel spreadsheets that I did NOT want to see but very much needed to, and allowed me to see my business from an objective perspective. That perspective helped me make important decisions as to the direction of my business and helped me immensely. And Julianne does all this "business stuff" in the most encouraging, "I believe in you" way. Grateful for her!!

Lark Champion

Creative Director, Larkin Lane

From the moment I jumped on the phone with Julianne, I knew we were on the same page. Her knowledge of the industry and direct advice was just what I needed to hear as I was transitioning in my small business. If there’s one thing that always helps me and my company grow, its investing in myself and a coach. And with Julianne, you get both. I cannot recommend her business coaching enough to help grow your business skills and expertise.

Lance Putnam

Creative Director, Post House Design

Julianne helped me understand my worth when it comes to business. She broke down how much time I was spending per client and what that translated to regarding income. Not only did she help me recognize when I needed to ask for more but also solutions and ways to do so. I value her years of experience, successful businesses and her outsider eye to help me see things I couldn’t within my business. I highly recommend investing in a session with Julianne to better you and your business.

Patricia Maristch

Founder, Piqued PR

Julianne was instrumental in the launch and growth of Taylor Beach Design.  She worked with me in helping to identify strong product offerings, assist in establishing competitive product pricing and guide me with the launch of my website.  Julianne offered invaluable insight into the nuances of the social media world, collaborations and networking.   Julianne is an outstanding leader, businesswoman and friend.  

Taylor Beach

Creative Director, Taylor Beach Design