Need a lively and engaging mindset expert for your next women's event? Book Julianne to headline your next event as her colorful and energetic persona will keep your attendees on the edge of their seats. Julianne would be happy to create custom content to really speak to your audience, and here are her our main requested keynotes:

Keynote-Finding Your Good JuJu: In this keynote, Julianne appeals to many women as she shares her journey from yoga pants and messy top knot to the bold and colorful expression of who she is today. Her message resonates with women who have gone through periods of "I give up" during motherhood and work responsibilities to finding the truest expression of themselves. JuJu's message focuses on the freedom and permission we can we give ourselves so that we can show up in the world as our most authentic selves. JuJu's shares actionable tips to help participants walk away feeling like they can step into the truest version of themselves.

Keynote- Owning Your Expertise and Advocating for the Value YOU Bring to the Table: In this keynote JuJu shares the internal and external pressures to discount your pricing.  She guides attendees through 3 mindset shifts that need to take place in order to confidently step into the true value you bring as an expert in your field.

Keynote-The Power and Science Behind How We Talk to Ourselves: Julianne guides the audience through an easy science lesson to help participants understand that our brains are like a supercomputer and our self talk is a program that will run.  Her message focuses on the power of positive morning affirmations, and JuJu shares her 5 keys to successful morning routines. She offers practical tips on how to incorporate positive affirmations into a morning routine in a way that doesn't feel hokey.

Keynote-The Fighter Within Us: Julianne is a recent Stage 1 Breast Cancer survivor. JuJu's message focuses on the potentially toxic cancer that many of us carry around (whether mental or physical) that holds us back from a joy filled life. JuJu helps participants identify the fighter in themselves when faced with adversity. This message focuses on how we can turn an expected whammy into the biggest life lesson of hope, survival, and gratefulness in the every day.  

Keynote-Showing Up Online as YOU: This topic is perfect for female entrepreneurs. Julianne guides attendees through a social media semi-masterclass to explore how to show up as your most authentic self online. With 100K+ followers on TikTok, Julianne guides her audience through the evolution of short form video and how to incorporate video content into their social media strategy without having to dance! Julianne drives home the fact that YOU are your niche and how to cultivate an authentic audience online. 

Listen to Julianne presenting live:

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Hear what other clients have to say.

We were honored and delighted to have Julianne Taylor speak at the Say It Southern Getaway. She spoke twice during the weekend retreat on "The power and science behind how we talk to ourselves", and "Finding your Good JuJu".  Julianne's style is warm and engaging, and she made pivots in both of her presentations to cater toward the audience. This made both sessions feel organic and personal. She touched the CEOs, small business owners, and the stay-at-home mothers in attendance. The entire group left feeling inspired, encouraged, and celebrated. 

 Sarah Smith

Co-Founder and Co-Host, The Say It Southern 

Julianne presented to our membership about how to embrace short form video for your business and within the day, we saw members sharing in ways they hadn’t before on reelz and IGTV and even TikTok. Julianne is an incredible resource and business coach. She is soaring as an influencer with a very defined brand, and she is sharing the “how to” along the way with other entrepreneurs. It’s a breath of fresh air and such positive JuJu! I highly recommend her as a speaker​.

Cheri Leavy

Co-Founder, The Southern C Summit and The Southern Coterie

Julianne presented "How to make your brand shine online" at our company retreat. She is just as fun, delightful, and colorful in person as she is online. She offered practical tips with actionable takeaways for our teams to immediately put into action. 

Amanda Smith

Director of Marketing, Francis + Benedict

Julianne presented to our company (2k+ employees) on Navigating Change and Managing Stress. A topic that our employees have struggled with during a shift to working from home. She is extremely charismatic, and just watching her is a delight. The content of the presentation was fantastic. 

Cristina Clapp

National Association of Broadcasters

For the past two years Carolyn Sutton PR has hosted a Social Media Masterclass and invited Key Experts to provide insight on the class. Crafting video is a huge need and Julianne was my first choice to lead the discussion and teach my attendees. Not only did Julianne work seamlessly with me to make sure the content fit my needs, she was also extremely invested in the project. She researched the attendees to ensure the content applied to them, she was incredibly energetic teaching and providing insight, and the entire class was completely engaged in her part of the class. To be able to work with an expert and fulfill the promise to my attendees on the class is a dream. I look forward to more projects with Julianne and of course, more courses as she is loaded with knowledge, humor and encouragement!

Carolyn Sutton

Founder, Carolyn Sutton PR