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Riviere Wallpaper Now Available in BLACK

One of my best selling "Julianne Taylor xx Mitchell Black" wallpaper patterns is Riviere, and I love seeing it installed in so many beautiful spaces. I have loved working with the Mitchell Black team over the last 5 years and I have three collections with them.

This year we launched the popular Riviere pattern in a new colorway for our neutral lovers: BLACK. Use Code JUJU15 for 15% off your order at Mitchell Black.

The designs for the whole Lomé collection were inspired by a missions trip I took to Togo, West Africa with Francis + Benedict. I saw all of these beautiful wax print patterns at the fabric markets and I knew that I had to translate them in a modern way for my wallpaper collection.

Here are some beautiful installs using this bold pattern:

Shop all of my wallpaper patterns. All are available exclusively through Mitchell Black.



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