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Porch Refresh for Summer

Every spring it's time to pressure wash the house, dust off the pollen, and refresh our porches to enjoy outdoor living. Every couple of years it's time to update a few worn out items so that we can really enjoy being outside.

We have never been able to keep ANYTHING alive on our porches-- the morning sun either scorches them or we tend to over water our live plants. It's so frustrating! So this year we decided to go faux.

I headed over to the Megan Molten shop in Mt. Pleasant to pick out some pretty planters and faux plants that will last much longer on my porch.

If you live here in Charleston, I highly recommend heading over to Megan's shop as it's fully stocked with furniture, accessories, pillows, etc. Here's a tour of the store:

Here's the before and after (below) of our refresh. We cleaned and reused the loveseat and club chairs, and I added in a pretty rug and a modern drink table to finish off the look.


Large Fett Pot (this container is super lightweight-- easy to move and transport. I recommend putting bricks in the bottom so that it doesn't blow off your porch!)

I recommend adding carboard or packing paper to your planters, and then a layer of this Spanish Moss on top to fill them out.

2 Black Outdoor Club Chairs (past season- here are similar)

Scallop Drink Table (between club chairs)

Green cushioned loveseat (past season from Lowe's)

Here's to warmer weather and enjoying the outdoors.



The post is in partnership with Megan Molten; however, all opinions are my own.


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