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Easy Faux Pumpkin Planters

Updated: May 31, 2022

Real pumpkins don't typically last too long in the south when fall weather can still feel a bit hot and humid. I'm a huge fan of using faux pumpkins, and this year I decided to recycle my watercolor pumpkins from last year into planters for our porch.

Faux pumpkins can run about $20 each, and I had 7 of them from last year. I didn't want to just throw them away and buy new ones. I had seen beautiful pumpkin succulents and planters with real pumpkins on Pinterest, and I decided that I'd try my hand at some faux planters by using the pumpkins I already had.

Below: My watercolor pumpkins last year were so pretty, and they were completely transformed with a few coats of spray paint!

I found all of my supplies at Lowe's and prettied up our porch in one afternoon. Lowe's has the best selection of small succulents and seasonal plants, and I loaded my cart with a mix of both.

I also bought 2 large mums in a pretty bright yellow. I love a mix of colors on my porch for fall, and all of the purples, greens, and oranges look so beautiful with my yellow mums.

I also purchased some Spanish Moss for some extra coverage around the soil if needed.

I enlisted hubby's help to trace around the round planters and then cut all of the stems and circles out of the tops of our faux pumpkins. TIP: Make sure to also cut some holes into the bottom of the pumpkins so that the water can drain out. Then I spray painted all of the pumpkins a mix of Rustoleum's Almond and Metallic Gold to create some contrast on our porch. Once dry push the planters down into the hole so that the top lip of the pot fits snugly into the hole.

We did decide to keep one pumpkin in the water color look from last year and I used the Spanish Moss to cover the top of the pot as it stuck out a bit from the pumpkin. Nobody needs to see that plastic pot poking out!! Spanish Moss is an easy cover for that.

Additional Sources:

Boo LED Sign (mine is old, but here's a good one as well)

Our family spends lots of time outside during fall, and this easy look definitely brightens up our porch this season. Happy Fall, Y'all!

XO, JuJu

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