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Valentine's Mocktail

Updated: Jan 25

Let's love on ourselves a little bit with a fancy drink. I know sometimes it's just easy to pour something into one of those stainless "keep it cold" containers, but there's something that is so honoring to our inner pretty in pink girlies to make it special and a bit fancy.

I've linked up some supplies for you to create your own little love potion this season and beyond.


Edible Heart Confetti (similar to mine)

The EASIEST Mocktail:

One of the most basic mocktails that I make on the regular is mixing some sort of fruit juice with a seltzer water. I froze some cranberry juice in my heart shaped mold and then poured a strawberry flavored seltzer over it. Easy peasy! Garnish with fresh strawberries or any other fruit. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

XO, JuJu

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