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Snack Must-Haves for Back to School

Updated: May 31, 2022

This post is sponsored by Lily's, Epic, Kodiak Cakes, & Simple Mills; however, all opinions are my own.

Not only did many of us turn into homeschool teachers this year, but I also turned into what felt like a "lunch lady" with kids wanting to literally eat ALL DAY LONG. Y

You can save $5 when you buy any combo of 5 products from the below brands at Publix! The $5 coupon can be found in the Extra Savings Flyer at the front of the store the next time you're shopping.shoppin

My snack bin system has absolutely saved me during the spring home-schooling season and now during continued virtual learning this fall. I can't take credit for inventing the bin system-- but it sure has been helpful during this season of life. The kids each get 1 cup to use throughout the day and an allotment of snacks to choose from in the bin. We also maintain pantry hours as part of our posted "Taylor Schedule" so that I don't feel like I'm constantly cooking and cleaning the kitchen! That has really helped my sanity during COVID-19 and provided some much needed structure to our daily schedule.

My weekly routine includes hitting up my local Publix to restock our pantry with easy-to-grab items for the self-service bin and to promote creating memories as a family. That has really been the upside of spending so much time at home-- hubby and I have discussed how great it is to spend so much more quality time with our kids. Making lemonade out of lemons if you will! Game nights, movie nights, working puzzles, etc. all amount to incredible memories.

Our weekday routine includes making breakfast and dinner for the kids, and we let them manage lunch and snacks during the day. Before bedtime, I restock the next day's snack bin with grab-and-go items. Kate likes the Simple Mills Soft Baked Bars & Cookies, made with only whole food ingredients, and my boys can mow through a bag of Epic Pork Rinds in 5 minutes flat! I'm so glad that Epic Pork Rinds includes 8 grams of protein, keto & paleo friendly, pork skins raised without antibiotics.

Hubby and I like to surprise them some mornings with homemade Kodiak Cakes waffles, and we love to add blueberries to them. The added 14g of protein, 100% whole grains, & non-GMO ingredients keeps their little bellies full much longer in the morning. AND-- on weekends we like to make "kitchen" s'mores with Lily's Chocolate Bars, with no sugar added chocolate sweetened with stevia, for movie night.

Right now, you can save $5 when you buy any combo of 5 products from the below brands at Publix. The $5 coupon can be found in the Extra Savings Flyer at the front of the store next time you're in store! I like shopping at Publix because they have one of the best delis around, and the staff are always super helpful. I don't feel ignored when I need help finding something. That's a win in my book!

Simple Mills Soft Baked Bars & Cookies- 2 for $8

Kodiak Cakes Flapjack Mix- $4.99

Epic Pork Rinds- 2 for $6

Lily's Chocolate Bars- 2 for $7

Grab-and-go snacks take the pressure off of me and give the kids a bit of freedom to choose their owns snacks-- within limits. It's a win/win for all of us!

XO, JuJu

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