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Create a Coffee Bar and Drink Station at Home

Are you interested in creating a designated drink/coffee station in your home? Then this is the post for you!

Decide Where to Create Your Station

When we moved into our home there was this little forgotten nook next to our kitchen that was an add on for a mail station or drink area and we decided to finish it out. You may have a small nook or countertop space that is currently not getting a lot of use in your kitchen, dining, or living area. This could be the perfect spot for your own coffee/drink station setup.

TIP#1: Think About How You Will Use the Space

When planning your drink/coffee station really think through how you will use the area. This will guide how much surface area you need and the number of shelves and drawers. We physically measured our wine glasses and bottles to determine the height of our shelves.

TIP #2: Selecting Finishes

Our challenge was to select finishes that could stand alone, but also complement the rest of our home. Cue the colorful tile and metallic elements! We chose a glossy subway tile in a soft seaglass shade that echoes the navy and turquoise tones from the rest of our kitchen and breakfast area. Here's a similar tile to what we used as ours is discontinued.

We built regular wood shelves (above) to create a grounding point for the brass facades. I like the mix of a natural thick wood shelf with brass accents and the sturdiness to hold lots of glass.


I ordered custom cut brass sheet 260, which is 1/16" thick and applied Goop 6000 adhesive and clamps to sit for 24 hours. As this sheeting comes in as a raw finish, I applied a top coat of clear water based polyurethane to prevent the metal from tarnishing. Easy peasy and gives our bar a very custom and expensive look. We accented the brass shelving with one showstopper of a door pull!

We installed a quartz countertop in a solid white and this wine refrigerator to finish off the look. We rotate the use of this drink station for both wine and coffee depending on the need, and it makes a great self serve station during larger gatherings.

TIP #3: Style Thoughtfully to Corral Clutter

With open shelving, it was important for us to display items that would be beautiful as a collective group. Not all of your glassware has to match-- just stack your favorite wine glasses and/or mugs together in neat rows. I love to use colorful mugs and serveware in our new bar as it really adds to the aesthetic of this little nook.

We are so pleased with how this coffee bar and drink station turned out, and it really extends the footprint of our kitchen. It provides additional storage and allows us to showcase some of our favorite glassware.

I find that the more I see my glassware and serving items the more I'm prone to use them instead of hiding them away in our cupboards. By creating a drink storage and bar/coffee prep station, this little nook now serves as a useful part of our kitchen.

XO, JuJu

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