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Choice Summit Workshop- Nashville

The Choice Summit occurs every year in April just outside of Nashville, TN. Headed up by the super talented Heather Dixon Adams and her team at Choice Communications, the 1-day Summit brings women together for opportunities to network and connect with other female business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Heather and her team work hard to bring in knowledgeable experts from around the country to cover topics such as business, mindset, team-building, media, digital marketing, sales, and more.

I was honored to take the group through a 1-hr workshop on how to own your expertise and advocate for the value you bring the table.

As women we struggle when it comes to pricing our products and services. We are influenced by our families, parents, grandparents, society, competitors-- you name it! These influence our decisions about pricing-- and not always favorably. Women historically undervalue ourselves, and this workshop offered three key mindset shifts that need to take place to truly step into spaces with confidence about the expertise we bring to the table. HERE's a snippet from this workshop.




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