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Naam Shabana Hindi Dubbed Movie 1080p Hd




Author's review "The break up which is mentioned in the opening titles has destroyed Akshay Kumar, a successful businessman, his family, who once made life hard for all who opposed him, has scattered. Akshay Kumar, who thought that all was well with his family, goes for a drive along with his wife and kid to calm his nerves. While driving, he comes across a man lying in the middle of a highway, he, Akshay Kumar, wants to rescue him but just as he moves to take the guy out, he loses control of the car. The fall of the car is the beginning of a journey which sees Akshay Kumar and the helpless, damaged man in a fight for survival in the middle of the Nandamuri RameshwarMurty's song. Everytime the latter tries to escape, Akshay Kumar, a silent witness to his plight, tracks him down. The lawyer in me says that the story is a tad-too-tightly woven. It's the best part of the film, the survival of the victim, the recovery of the wealth, the revolution of Akshay Kumar's character, but there are certain instances, which seem to be a bit clumsy. The movie, which begins well, loses its flow. It's like the narration is too much of a catchy tune and there's not enough scope to let the narrative explain a little more. The treatment of the subject is a sincere one. But it's the soundtrack and the timing which give the movie that edge. Manoj Bajpai's voice is quite terrific. It brings a lot of enthusiasm to the story. And to balance the whole matter, the best antagonist of the movie, is Nandamuri RameshwarMurty's song. These two are the unique characters of the film. The narrative sometimes loses its flow. But the outcome of the movie is definitely worth the wait. The unexpected twist in the movie is that it's a thriller, not a drama. It's a thought-provoking and engaging movie. But there's not much to write about. Nandamuri RameshwarMurty has performed all of the songs well. The lyrics of each song are so good, they go with the melody very well. All of the songs were well-written. The theme of the film is to see if a man can




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Naam Shabana Hindi Dubbed Movie 1080p Hd

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