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#stayhome and Celebrate Mom

Updated: May 29, 2020

This year's plans for Mother's Day are a bit different than normal with COVID-19, but I'm determined that holidays are #notcanceled. I think setting a pretty table makes family time at home feel intentional and more special.

Color makes me happy, and this year I decided to pull out all of the pretties and make a memorable meal at home with my little family unit of five.

I love a good mix when setting a table, and mixing colors and patterns is my jam. Below are a few tips to pulling off a collected look with little effort.

TIP #1: A Good Foundation

By foundation-- I mean a pretty tablecloth. I use tablecloths to add in extra pattern and color more so than anything else. This Ardmore by Ngala Trading tablecloth is just so stunning, and I used this as the jumping off point for everything else on the table.

TIP #2: Let Your Menu Set the Tone

I like to serve family style meals for some of our more casual holidays-- no soup bowls or salad plates needed. This means my charger and dinner plates will need to be showstoppers on their own. I used these navy chargers from Jayes Studio and these gold scallop edge dinner plates from Coton Colors. I love the way they mix together and create interest at each setting without adding in extra plates. With the napkin placement these dinner plates resemble flower petals, which is perfect for a spring time table. I also added in gorgeous stemware from Estelle Colored Glass which echoed the navy tones throughout the tablescape. I let our kids drink water out of wine glasses at the table, and they feel so grown up!! Gold flatware topped off the entire look.

TIP #3: Linen or Paper?

In today's world no one will judge you for using paper napkins! BUT-- if I'm going to commit to setting a pretty table, I tend to go all in and use cloth dinner napkins. The washing and ironing of napkins is a chore, but they look sooo special on a table. These pink embroidered ones from Shop Lettermade have been used in multiple table settings the last few years, and I love the pop of color they add to my tablescapes. Here is another great option if you prefer paper ones. These have the look and feel of cloth!

TIP #4: Use Potted Plants for your Centerpiece

Floral arranging is not my forte, but I do like fresh flowers on the table. I keep flowers easy. I bought 2 potted plants at the store and set them in these navy cachepots, and voila! Easy flower arrangements for the table. I love this hack as I can set my table days in advance and then we can transplant these pretties to the yard the week after the event. *A side note, these cachepots are from my collection with Jayes Studio, so I love getting to use my own product when I set the table.

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Here's to setting a special table for your loved ones, and to celebrating Mom this year and beyond.

XO, JuJu

This post contains sponsored content; however, the opinions are my own.

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