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Springtime Girls Trip to Savannah

Updated: May 31, 2022

I haven't traveled with my besties in a year-- the last trip we took to Palm Springs just days before the world shut down. As hotels and restaurants have started opening back up, we decided to get away for a quick trip within driving distance from Charleston. Savannah is a short 2 hr drive, and it made for the perfect getaway with my gal pals Andrea Serrano and Cristy Pratt of Morph Clothing. The flowers are just starting to bloom, and the weather was perfectly pleasant during our trip.

Our Hotel:

The Planters Inn was a great location as it is so charming and is situated right in the heart of Reynolds Square. It's so convenient as we walked around to shops and restaurants without worrying about parking and Ubers. The service at The Planters Inn is top notch and our rooms and the property were very clean. They hosted our party of three in a 2 bedroom room suite with a beautiful terrace that was perfect for afternoon cocktails before dinner. Here's a tour of our room:


My gal pals love to shop, and vintage stores are our jam. We found the House of Strut and fell in love with the friendly owner. The vibe is so easy and fun, and we ended up spontaneously dancing in the store! Another great vintage shop is The Future on Forsyth, but they were closed during our visit. We were totally bummed, but it's a great stop on your list if you love vintage clothing and accessories. We stopped into the Paris Market, which is so charming. They specialize in locally sourced and hand crafted signature gifts, and you can sit outside in their Parisian inspired patio area and enjoy a coffee. Dreamy!


We enjoyed some amazing food while in Savannah. Some of our favorites? The Vault Kitchen and Market, Treylor Park Hitch, Orale Tacos Plus, and Husk. The craft cocktails at The Vault are such a treat, and Hitch has the most amazing shrimp tacos. Orale Tacos on Congress Street is perfect for a casual lunch. We sat outside and enjoyed the most delicious margaritas and tacos-- the baja sauce is amazing! Husk hosted us for a dinner of delicacies one night. I highly recommend the pimento cheese profiteroles-- they literally melt in your mouth!


The Savannah Ghost Tour and Carriage Tour are great activities during your stay, and are very family friendly. AND if you're into local arts-- check listings for SCAD exhibitions and visit their retail shop. Savannah has a great street art scene and the Starland Mural Project is a must see. It's an initiative to support the funding, permitting, creation, and conversation of the murals in the Starland District of Savannah. You know my gals don't miss an opportunity to snap some pretty pics in front of a beautiful background, and we even met the artist, Jon Witzky, while we were shooting in front of his beautiful mural.

We constantly commented throughout the entire trip how friendly everyone was and how easy it is to leisurely walk and stroll around the city. Savannah, you have our hearts and we will definitely be back.

XO, JuJu


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