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Palm Springs: What I Wore

If you ever have the opportunity to get away with your girlfriends, I highly recommend it. Last week we attended Alt Summit in Palm Springs. Several of us took the stage to speak about our favorite business topics and we met so many creative entrepreneurs.

Airport Outfit: Comfy is key for me, but I always want to look stylish. I know some people prefer sweatpants, but I like to be ready to hit the ground running when the plane lands.

My Black & White Striped Dress is past season, but this one is similar

Custom denim jacket with patches, contact them for custom orders.

I know people tout those hat clips for your bags when you travel, but honestly-- I just used an alligator clip to hold it to my bag. Worked like a charm!

(Above Looks) Multi Caftan- mine is past season, but (HERE is another option)

Snake Necklace- Contact for availability

Lavender Sequin Turban (mine is sold out, but HERE's another color)

Blue floral pleated caftan- Mine is vintage. Ebay and Etsy are great sites to find these vintage caftans.

(Above Looks) Swimsuit and Sarong

Pool Sunnies - They float!

Blue Dress- mine is past season, but HERE's another option

Palm coverup- HERE's a similar one

Snake Necklace- Contact for availability

My style is typically a high/ lo mix. I may have one investment piece that I style with lower priced items. I also love mixing in vintage pieces when I can as I love a truly special piece that has some history.

Color is key for me as I like to wear bold and bright clothing. I believe that clothing carries energy with it, and it's a true expression of how I want to show up in the world.

I hope what I packed for my trip to Palm Springs inspires you for your next vacation. DM me on Instagram if you have specific questions, and I'll be happy to help.



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