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New Favs: Nail Concealer + Lip Mask

Have you ever been to a Favorite Things party? I recently attended one, and oh my stars! How fun to get to see what everyone's favorite things are. Each person brought a gift and we drew names to determine who you would give your gift to.

I received a basket of goodies, and I've been using this Nail Concealer ever since. It brightens and smooths out any imperfections in your nails, and it doubles as a great manicure. I tested it for 12 days, and it still looked great.

Not only do I love the nail concealer, but I'm also loving this Lip Mask that I received. It has a pleasant berry scent and feels very luxurious on my lips. Even my daughter has stolen it a few times, so I had to buy her her own jar!

Nail Concealer, color: pink

Watch more details on this amazing Nail Concealer:

I hope these products become your new favorite things, too!



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