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How an Outdoor Space Refresh Can Enhance WFH

Updated: May 31, 2022

Like a lot of people 2020 brought about a change in my work environment. I closed our office and moved to a work from home situation. Hubby also now works from home and we are fortunate enough to have enough square footage for him to have a home office space downstairs while I carved out my own space upstairs.

One of the things we've done more of since moving to a work from home situation is spending more time in our outdoor spaces. We have a front porch and back screened in porch that are great little spaces for morning coffee, reading, and afternoon pre-dinner nibbles....the kind of late afternoons that I've always dreamed about-- us talking and catching up on the porch while our kids play in the yard or swim.

Our back porch has been a bit under-utilized, and I've also always wanted to create an outdoor eating area for us to enjoy with our kids. There's just nothing better than eating outside in the spring and fall, and I'm so thankful that we now have the space to do it.

When looking for outdoor furniture I turned to Mainly Baskets Home as they have the most beautiful outdoor furniture that stands up to the harsh Charleston elements. The heat is brutal here and the salt in the air is very corrosive. I love that their outdoor furniture doesn't look like outdoor furniture-- it looks elegant, chic, and comfortable.

I like a good mix of colors and materials and I selected furniture in various finishes to create more of a blended, collected look. One of our favorite pieces is the Outdoor version of the Vineyard's Daybed. The bench cushion is a sunbrella fabric and will be much more durable than regular fabric. We styled it with beautiful outdoor Lacefield Pillows. I have been friends with Beth Lacefield, the owner, for years and I've used both their indoor and outdoor pillows in loads of projects. Her line is always a "go-to" for our outdoor spaces. Our new furniture fits perfectly in this small outdoor space-- we even have a big basket now to hold all of our pool towels!

Our front porch (below) got a refresh, too, with new club chairs, scallop side table, and bar cart from Mainly Baskets Home. We host regular happy hours with neighbors on the front porch, and it's a perfect space to watch our kids throw the football in the front yard. The lumbars are past season Lacefield outdoor pillows that I've had for years and still love.

I wasn't sure that I was going to like working from home at first, but I found that after the first few months I really started to enjoy it. There's a certain amount of flexibility afforded to you when you work from home. Two benefits for me? (1) I can wear pajama pants and my slippers all day (business on the top, chill on the bottom!) and (2) I can easily throw a pork roast in the oven in the morning to make dinner a breeze. Hashtag winning!

I have found that forcing myself to get outside each day is really important to maintaining my mental health. There's just nothing better than eating outside in the spring and fall, and I'm so thankful that we now have the space to do it. If you're in a work from home situation, I encourage to give thought and a little love to your outdoor space to create a sanctuary to renew and refresh your spirit. Even if it's a small balcony or patio, it's important to create a retreat for yourself. Cheers to self care--you deserve it!

XO, JuJu

This post is in partnership with several brands; however, the opinions are my own.


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