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Homeschool Hack with iD Tech

My middle son, Grant, has always had an interest in computers and tech games. All of our kids got a special Daddy & me trip for their 10th birthday, and Grant chose a trip to Dallas to visit the National Gaming Museum. He was in heaven! Hubby and I have been looking for ways that we can encourage his interest in STEM and continue his learning. He’s 12 now and iD Tech virtual tech camps have been on my list for awhile. I couldn’t think of a better time to enroll him than during quarantine. This was a perfect opportunity for him to dive into something he loves and to learn at home.

iD Tech offers virtual tech camps for kids in the areas of coding, gaming, and engineering types of activities. Grant chose the “Coding Games with Javascript” course. This is such a valuable course for him to take as 95% of all websites in the world use JavaScript. It’s a skill that he can take into his college years and beyond if he so chooses. That makes this mama happy!

The course focuses on three areas:

  • Using programming logic to create game mechanics

  • Building games from start to finish

  • Practicing game design principles with engaging activities.

The course is Mon-Fri 2 hours a day with direct instruction for a week. Plus he has 2 hours each day of self paced project development. The course really stretches him, but not so much that he feels like he can’t do it.

iD Tech offers both virtual tech courses and private instruction depending on what suits your child. iD Tech is offering $125 off virtual courses (not private instruction), so now is a perfect time to sign up your STEM loving student!

CODE for $125 off: TAYLOR125

This post is sponsored by iD Tech; however, the opinions are my own.


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