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Falscara Lash Tutorial

After years of trying to put glue on those strip lashes I pretty much gave up! I never could get them on correctly and by the end of the day they would start pulling away as the edges. A few months ago KISS sent me these new Falscara Lashes to try. I have tested and worn them on numerous occasions now, and I can honestly say that I highly recommend them!


Falscara Lashes starter kit: This is a great little starter pack if you want to try these out. It comes with the Bond & Seal that you need and a small tube of remover.

Extender: optional if you want to extend the wear to more than 1 day.


(1) First you need to put the BOND on the underside of your upper lashes. I've applied this to clean lashes and ones that already had mascara on them. You do not have to wait to apply your false lashes as no "drying time" is needed.

(2) Place your lashes with your tweezers (I've used 2-4 wisps per eye depending on how dramatic I want to look.) and I press them into my own lashes by crimping with my fingers or your tweezers.

(3) Put a coat of SEALER onto the lashes on the underside. They will hold all day.

(4) TO REMOVE: put some of the REMOVER on a cotton ball and hold on your lashes for 10 seconds. They will easily swipe right off

(5) Wisps are reusable. Every few wears you should wash them in the Lash Purify to remove any sticky residue.

(6) They also have an EXTENDER product if you want to wear your lashes for longer than a day. I have not tried this as I remove them before bed. Plus-- I sleep on my face! I fear I would wake up with these stuck to my cheeks!

Below (left to right: Bond, Attached Wisps, Seal)




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