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Create a Graphic Wall Pattern with Paint

There is soooo much you can do with a couple of cans of paint! Wallpaper may not be an option for your budget, and you can still create interesting and fun walls with a little paint and a whole lot of creativity. I received a lot of questions about the walls in Grant's room after our home was featured on HGTV. (You can see the full tour HERE.) This was an easy weekend project that I pulled off with a few cans of paint and some painters tape.

Grant has always been a fan of super heroes and I wanted to create a space where the pattern would feel random and sort of mimic a spider web-- without being a literal translation. I wanted a room that would easily transition from young boy into tween before I have to redorate his room for his high school years.

I started with the basic builders paint as the undercoat. I was lucky that this was a shade of white that was perfect to help create the pattern. I then taped off one wall and the ceiling in a random pattern and made sure to bring down the tape lines from the ceiling to create a continuous pattern.

I scored the edges of the tape with an old flat credit card to make sure that paint couldn't bleed under the tape. TIP: Scoring the tape really does seal the edges to ensure you have crisp lines.

After I painted the blue topcoat I let it dry to the touch so I could pull the tape with minimal bleeding. TIP: Pulling the tape rather quickly after it dries prevents issues with it potentially sticking and pulling some of your base paint off with it.

The other three walls were painted in a contrasting yellow to add more interest to his room. I love the final result and Grant's eyes were so excited when I surprised him with his very own colorful and fun bedroom.


Post Lights (vintage)

Wall Decor (Hobby Lobby)

Reversible Quilt (sold out)

Here's to an easy and fun weekend project!

XO, JuJu

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