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45 Days with Amazon Beauty

The verdict is in! I tried these beauty products for 6 weeks. Here are my favs...

Get a Professional Look:

Earlier this year I had my makeup done professionally by Barbie at Pink Mansion Beauty in Charleston for several events. It was such a treat as the last time someone did my makeup was when my mom took me to the Clinique counter at the mall when I was 16! Well-- There is nothing like a good transformation to make you want to up your cosmetic game!

I immediately went on the hunt to find a good routine that would give me a similar look to what the professionals created, but easy enough to recreate at home on the regular. Don't get me wrong-- there is still a need to let the professionals have their way with me for photoshoots, etc, but I really needed something that could suffice for everyday and for events when I'm short on time.

Since I wanted to try some things with little risk, I turned to my good ole friend Mr. Amazon Prime. Here are my favs and the products that now have a permanent home in my cosmetic bag.

Say “No” to Turkey Neck!

Before we get started, let’s talk about two products that I can’t live without. I've noticed in my forties that the area under my chin was starting to sag. I have tried dozens of products, but these two are my favorites. I buy the Medix Anti-Sagging Treatment in a double package and slather it on every night all over my body, not just the chin.

When I travel-- this package is too large, and I like to take my Gold Bond with me. Both work great and are the best products to tighten my skin. The Medix also works great on crepey skin on the legs and arms, and you get a lot of product for the money (less than $15!).

A good primer is EVERYTHING!

The key for me to poreless, smooth skin is a good misting primer that goes on easily. I had never used this before, but my makeup artist buddy told me that it is a necessity to flawless skin. I can honestly say GAME CHANGER! I ordered three different kinds from Elf, and I really like the Primer Mist (on the right) the best. The description for all three is very similar, but this one was my favorite. It's truly a mist instead of a cream like the other two that I tried. I think this comes down to personal preference as they all achieved a nice finish on my face.

Let's Talk about Foundation, shall we?!

I've used the Bare Minerals products for over a decade, but I started finding that they just did not give enough coverage. I was dreading going back to a liquid foundation again, but this Maybelline foundation I tried feels very light weight and goes on smoothly. I ordered it in the porcelain color to match my pale complexion, and at under $6-- that's a steal! I also tried the Elf brand Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter in Fair Glow color, and this product is a keeper as well. It's thin enough not to cake, and thick enough to really cover the dark circles under my eyes. The highlighter part is great to add some brightness at the corners of my eyes.

I finish off my face with a few swipes of Elf powder in soft luminance, and I've found that I don't need any touch-ups during the day unless it's over 90 degrees or I have an evening event. It's like 6 bucks, so that's almost free!

Take care of those pesky lip wrinkles!

I stopped wearing red and deeply saturated lipsticks years ago as the color would inevitably bleed into those little spider wrinkles that start forming around your lips. bleck! Then I discovered this Elf lip lock liner that keeps all of those on trend colored lipsticks right where they should be-- on your lips! It goes on just outside your lip line to keep the color from bleeding. I also ordered this Elf Gotta Glow Lip Tint as it's a great sheer lip tint that changes color to your natural lips.

Let's talk about those lashes!

I have PTSD over false eyelashes. I tried to apply them at home one time before a speaking engagement and ended up with a stye. #winning. Ever since then I just can't bring myself to get them, so I've tried some alternative products on the market and found a couple of good dupes for more expensive ones. I bought some Rodan + Fields lash boost serum (on the left) a couple of years ago, and it worked great. It was just a bit pricey, and a friend recommended the Organis Lash & Brow Boost Serum (on the right) for 20 bucks on Amazon. I've been using this one for over a year and love the product and the price.

If you can't do falsies...

I love both of these liquid lash extension products in lieu of false eyelashes. I'm a huge fan of Thrive Causmetics and what they stand for. I also love this Lavish Lash product I found for under $20 on Amazon. They both work the same in my opinion, but the Thrive does tend to last a bit longer as there is more product in the tube. I linked the Thrive product directly to their site as you can buy this on Amazon as well-- but it's almost double the price! Why, Amazon, why??!

Eye see you lookin' at my brows!

Jury is still out on my eyebrows. I feel like they are getting thinner by the week (eeek!)-- but I love this easy Maybelline Brow Define and Fill Duo in the blonde color. I'ts super user friendly and easy to apply. For now it's soft and lightweight enough to give my eyebrows some definition without overkill.

All in all with a small investment I was able to try out some great products that are now part of my regular makeup routine. Products are itemized below that are in my makeup bag. I hope you find some great products to use to create a professional makeup look at home.

Currently in My Makeup Bag:

Thank you, Barbie, for making me feel like a queen and educating me on the best techniques for a flawless finish! If you're in the Charleston area, book an appointment with Barbie for your next big night out on the town or photo shoot. (not sponsored-- just love recommending great people!)

XO, Julianne

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