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Julianne Taylor Style Home Office WFH


Need a virtual design consultation? Julianne works quickly with all types of projects to help people make decisions on paint, furniture and finishes, and accessories. Julianne specializes in working with clients that wish to do the purchasing on their own. She provides ideas, options, and resources to meet all types of budgets, and the clients execute the design. She works with all types of projects big or small and her expertise is in residential design. Although many of her projects are virtual, she is available to meet in person in the Charleston, SC area. No extensive contracts or project management fees! Julianne offers expert advice for clients to take the lead in their own time to create a beautiful space. Julianne is a trained interior designer with a BFA in Interior Design from the University of Georgia. Email to book your virtual or in person appointment. 




Julianne Taylor works 1:1 with entrepreneurs and small business start-ups in the creative arena. Her knowledge of go to market strategy, pricing & cost models, scaling, marketing, branding, collaborations, social media, etc. and her strong desire to encourage others to succeed creates opportunities for her to share her extensive business knowledge. Through growing Taylor Burke Home into a luxury home decor brand and successfully aligning herself with companies to license the Julianne Taylor Style brand, she has hands-on knowledge of the ins and outs of building a successful business in the home decor industry. With a BFA in Interior Design (UGA) and a Masters in Human Resources (Univ. of S. Carolina), Julianne has a unique combination of creative thinking mixed with strategic business acumen.


She challenges her clients to dive into the numbers, and the homework that comes from each meeting helps clients make decisions about how to move their businesses forward. She has worked with clients who are just starting out with no business plan to others who average 2-4 years into their start-up and are not sure how to scale their businesses. Clients leave meetings excited, encouraged, and ready to tackle the tough decisions and work to make their businesses successful. Julianne meets in-person in Charleston, SC or conducts Facetime and/or conference calls with clients. 


What are you waiting for?! If you are an individual who needs coaching and strategic business advice, please email for more information about availability and scheduling. Julianne only consults with a handful of clients at any given time, and there may be a waiting list to schedule your first meeting. 

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